"Southerners, truth told, don’t look so good in the moonlight. And magnolias don’t offer much shade. Lies told in service of myths have cloaked and throttled the region."

- John T. Edge

"Southbound is one slice of a New South in transition, sufficiently complex to capture something essential about the region in the early twenty-first century."

- Mark Sloan & Mark Long

"As the past at once defines the present and pushes us toward the future, each generation struggles to discover its own understanding of the region."

- William Ferris

"Revealed here is the dark side of the human soul, but also flashes of hope and happiness bursting through in musical celebrations, joyful communal rituals, and dusky skies darkened with flocks."

- Eleanor Heartney

"Like Southern writers, photographers create mythic places that inspire our imagination and allow us to see the region in fresh, new ways."

- William Ferris

"Represented in these photographs are personal visions and public spectacles, histories that were and histories that might have been. Together they create a mosaic that approaches reality, a South that is multifarious, and a truth that is manifold."

- Eleanor Heartney

"Southbound is an anatomy of the region as seen through the faces of its people and their worlds."

- William Ferris

"If we aim to apprehend the South […] we can no longer look away, nor can we stereotype. In truth, we never could."

- John T. Edge

"Each photographer presents us with a personal take on the South, one that challenges us to rethink how we see the region."

- William Ferris

Representing the largest exhibition of photographs of and about the American South in the twenty-first century, Southbound: Photographs of and about the New South presents multiple ways of visualizing the region. All are necessarily incomplete and imperfect, yet viewing the region through different lenses may bring into focus, however fleetingly, this newest New South. Representations of the world around us in the languages of fine arts and geography, embodied for Southbound in photography and digital mapping, are central to how we see our world. read more








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